Why buy from GalerieM?

What are the benefits of shopping at Galerie M?

Quite simply: The thrill of the hunt: Finding that beautiful, long-searched for item at a great price! Fine, high quality, unique pieces.... You never know what you might find. Come to Galerie M and release your STYLE EXPLORER!

Our Customers

.....inherit furniture or décor items that are not needed or suitable for them

.....move into smaller homes
.....are decorating, redecorating or renovating
.....are moving
.....are relocating to another city or country
.....realize the quality of older items can be far superior to that currently offered in the current home furnishings market
.....are designers and decorators unloading pieces that were refused by clients
.....are designers or manufacturers looking to sell excess or discontinued inventory
.....simply do not have the space for perfectly beautiful possessions and would be happy to sell them to others who will continue to enjoy them
.....are value conscious consumers with an increasing awareness of the importance of reducing pointless waste thereby opting to recycle
.....require complete privacy and professionalism to sell items they no longer wish to keep

And people who are searching for the “DESIGNER LOOK” for less!

Galerie M also sells merchandise for boutique hotels and private clubs, home staging companies and samples from temporary exhibits.

Don't forget: consignors and purchasers of consignment items can be at times the same customer!