Environmental Sustainability

The 3 R's

RE-decorate at Galerie M: An environmentally friendly business where you can shop for beauty & luxury while getting the designer look of home couture for less.

RE-cycle Good Design… If you can't use it anymore... sell it at Galerie M!

RE-use… RE-Purpose… RE-Discover… there is something interesting about buying an item that has a history: Give it a chance to continue on its voyage and add to its story....

RE-think the way you buy by reusing a Pre-owned, perfect, magnificent piece of furniture or home decor from an estate or fine home

Eco-aware consumers realize that Consignment from Galerie M is the ultimate in Recycling. It provides for your treasures to go from one fine home to another. Galerie M helps people make their homes beautiful offering a wealth of Resources for a “GREENER HOME DÉCOR” Movement.