About Galerie M

Our Team consists of a multi talented and creative group of Montrealers involved in the creation, marketing, manufacturing, buying and selling of luxury home décor and tabletop accessories from Europe and the Far East to retailers and department stores in Canada and the United States.

Their passion for home décor, their delight in the hunt for unique pieces and searching the world for the hottest trends of the season, as well as recognizing the best opportunities in the market place have led this team to create Galerie M.

High-end Consignment stores have existed for decades in Europe and the United States. Galerie M was created to cater to Montrealers' keen appreciation of architecture and heritage. At the same time, consumers here have a tremendous respect for the environment. There's a pervasive joie de vivre and the city resonates with the pulse of the creative expressions of art in our homes, offices, theaters, boutique hotels and exhibitions.

Galerie M was developed to provide an alternate retail environment. Consigning furniture is smart, providing cost recovery for consignors, great value for buyers and an alternative to disposing of furniture and accessories that were made to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Our beautiful, professionally designed showroom offers a stunning mix of antique, vintage and contemporary pieces.

There is new merchandise, such as one of a kind samples from some of the world's finest showrooms, as well as other pieces obtained by our skilled buyers available to you for great prices. Galerie M has teamed up with some of the most exclusive designers from around the city who provide us with high-end furniture and decor obtained from their clients following design work.

We invite you to come to Galerie M to discover the luxury that captures the essence of your style!